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How to Practice Cricket Batting by Yourself

You can buy cricket balls especially designed to help you practice cricket batting on your own. These have a special design which means they have a string or wire attached to them. Hang one end of this from a hook on a ceiling or even wrap around a tree branch. Just be careful. Even though the cricket ball is attached to string, it can still move far enough to break objects in its way.

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Find yourself a nice flat, open area, and arm yourself with a cricket bat and a few balls. Get your feet in your usual batting stance position. Hold your bat with your top hand (left hand for right handed batsmen, right hand for left handed batsmen) and hold one of the balls in your other hand.

How To Practice Cricket Batting By Yourself?

Stance, the way to stand for batting is yet another important thing, especially when it comes to practicing on your own. Your stance should be comfortable. Your weight should be balanced on both your legs, feet parallel to each other, front shoulder straight, directed downwards towards the wicket and knees slightly bent. Eyes on the ball are the key.

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Standing side on, place your front facing hand onto the higher end your cricket bats handle. Holding the ball in the other hand, raise it up and out in front of you. Drop the ball directly at your feet and allow it to bounce twice. Only on the second bounce, move your front forward and drive straight with the bat in a controlled manner.

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Start using your top hand only and and have your partner drop the ball a stride length in front of you. Step to the ball and play a drive using only your top hand. Focus on controlling your bat and keeping your elbow up. Hit 20 balls with your top hand only. Now move on to using just your bottom hand.

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Like you I too am a cricket fan. To practice batting at home you can have many ways: To practice playing short pitched deliveries stand a distance of 3 metres from the wall.Throw a sponge ball towards it and try pulling and hooking. For playing swinging delivery use the bed as the pitch. Sit on the bed and try playing every ball which the wall throws at you.

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Stand about 5-10 yards away from the wall, stand in a batting stance with the bat in your top hand, and throw the ball with your bottom hand. You can practice any shot you like, front foot, back foot, depending on how you throw the ball. I used to do this all the time when I was 13-14 in the long summer holidays.

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Follow our tips & drills to find a better improvement in your batting. 1. Stance. The stance is a very important part of improving your batting in cricket. It’s become very important how you stand on the crease to play every ball in the match. In my case when I bat, I like to bat with an open stance.